Can Beginners Yoga Poses Help With High Blood Pressure


can beginners yoga poses help with high blood pressure

The big question that everybody asks is can beginners yoga poses help with high blood pressure is this true or not well the answer is any form of  exercise is good for high blood pressure so anybody that takes up any form of yoga will benefit.

This killer disease…


Affects millions of people around the world, including over 30 percent of American adults. Often referred to as “the silent killer” for its tendency to wreak havoc on the body without producing symptoms, hypertension is the most common cardiovascular disease and a leading cause of stroke.

If you have any concerns, get checked by your doctor. There likely won’t be any other way of knowing if you’re at risk.

This pervasive and dangerous condition is at the heart of today’s episode of Urban Yogis on The Chopra Well YouTube channel. Ashtanga yoga instructor Eddie Stern has teamed up with fellow instructor Blake Seidenshaw and physical therapy professor Marshall Hagins at Long Island University (LIU) to conduct a study on the effects of yoga on patients suffering from hypertension.

As of yet, yoga has not definitively been proven to be an effective treatment for high blood pressure, on its own, though evidence does suggest it may lower blood pressure by reducing stress and increasing flexibility and weight loss.

Stern, Seidenshaw, and Hagins came together in the hope of finding clear, consistent evidence to prove what, until now, most yoga practitioners only felt and observed in their own lives without the authority of science to support them.

That isn’t to say anecdotal evidence doesn’t carry its own weight – there’s a reason over 20 million people in the United States have practiced yoga.

By The – The Chopra Well


As the above said this killer disease effects millions around the world so it answers the question can beginners yoga poses help with high blood pressure and the answer is yes.

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