Meditation Techniques Is A Part Of Daily Life

meditation techniques is a part of daily life

meditation techniques is a part of daily life


In many cultures like the Hindus and Buddhists, meditation techniques is a part of daily lives. Meditation is the practice of calming the mind and emotions. It is a way of knowing oneself b learning to transcend through the inner self. Most people think that meditation is only for people who live like monks whose sole purpose is to find spirituality and divinity.

Mental discipline, this is the main goal of meditation. This can beneficial to anyone. Having a peaceful mind, who would not want that?

Many also think that meditation is only done sitting absolutely motionless with the eyes closed and hands resting on the thighs. This is a misconception. Meditation can come in a variety of ways that can be incorporated into the everyday life. Here are examples of activities where meditation can play a part.

1.       Walking Meditation

This is contrary to the typical picture of meditation. Walking is an exercise wherein you will learn how to remain calm and at the same time, be in motion. One hour of walking can be good when you are restless and in need of a peaceful mind. In a sense, walking is meditation in motion.

To do this, select a private place that is spacious enough for at least ten paces. Walk back and forth slowly with slow deep breaths.  When you reach the end, stand with your eyes closed for one minute. Slowly turn around then stand still for another minute before walking back. This is the process to be repeated until you feel a calmed mind and a relief from agitation.

2.       Postures

The body constantly changes from one position to another. You lie down and get up. You sit and then stand. You walk and run. Meditation can be incorporated by taking few seconds to check out your posture. Stay in that position for a few seconds and try to sense how you feel when you are in that position. Close your eyes and let sensations sweep through. This may sound like a simple task but it actually brings about amazing sensations like the feeling of the restoration of a blind man’s sight.

3.       Slow-Motion Activity

Every single action is composed of separate components. However, those details often go unnoticed. Slow-motion activity promotes mindfulness about details. This exercise can be done by carrying out activities in a slow speed. Drinking a cup of coffee is an example. First, feel the warmth of the cup with your fingers while holding it. Inhale the aroma. Watch how you raise the cup to your lips. Slowly sip the warm liquid and savor the taste.

This process is interesting because through it you allow every sensation, thought and emotion with each activity. You will learn how to slow your thoughts, words and moves. You will learn more about yourself.

4.       Breathing Coordination

Breathing is the primary focus of meditation. Breathing with movement requires coordination. Coordinate your activity with your breathing. This will create a smooth flow of the activity and avoid abrupt changes. This exercise will make you mindful and ready whenever problems or worries confront you. You can deal with them smoothly without making a big fuss.

Meditation Techniques  Is A Part Of Daily Life

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