Start Good Meditation Habits In Your Own Time



start good meditation habits on your own time

Start good meditation habits on your own time


Meditation is a free, simple (but not easy) solution to many problems that face modern humans. There are two reasons people don’t use meditation to improve their lives. The first reason is its “too new age” and “only weird people do it.” That’s a pretty easy reason to overcome once a person starts doing some actual research. It’s also quite easily dispelled by talking to another respectable human being who regularly meditates.

The second reason is a little bit more complicated. “I just don’t have time for that!” is something I hear a lot. Granted, meditation does take an ample amount of dedication and patience, and at higher levels it can be time consuming. When a person is just starting to meditate, however, the time-results equation works out nicely—granted they can find the 15-30 minutes a day to put the ancient art into practice. Thankfully, anyone can find the time if they know where to look.

How does Meditation fit in to My Life?

Earlier, I mentioned meditation as a very real solution to many problems. It’s worked for thousands of years for millions of diverse people, so it can work for you if you let it.

  • Health – Meditation can help with your cholesterol and blood pressure. It will give you increased physical energy. It can help with depression and anxiety. The effects are too numerous to list, but it can drastically improve both your mental and physical health.
  • Stress – Many beginning meditators are looking to fight (or escape from) stress. Meditation helps you cope with stress like nothing else, and it can also help you find positive ways to deal with the problems that are causing you stress in the first place.
  • Peace – A less tangible but equally important part of meditating regularly is that it gives you a sense of peace. You begin to feel more at ease with the things in your life that you can’t change and you begin to understand yourself and what drives you. It’s quite remarkable.
  • Connection – Meditation also brings about an enhanced feeling of connection with other people and with the world at large. It can help you to understand the people you dislike, and it can help you discover how you fill a unique role in the world. It helps you understand that no one is better or worse than you—you’re just all at different places on the journey.

When can I meditate?

This is the million dollar question. Finding time, dedicating that time, sticking to a routine and creating good meditation habits are the keys to success. When you just start meditating, 15-30 minutes a day is plenty.

  • Morning – Right after you wake up and have taken a walk (or undertaken some other form of light exercise) is a great time to meditate. Sleeping in is excellent as well, but 15 minutes of sleep for a happier, clearer day is a good trade off. Of course, waking up early is not for everyone. Meditation is about what’s good for you, not about what someone else thinks is good for you.
  • Lunch Break – Many people do not use their entire lunch break at work. When they finish eating they either mess around on their smartphone or they clock back in early. If this is the case for you, your lunch break is a great time to meditate. You’ll feel rested for the remainder of the day, and you’ll be doing something productive with those extra 15 minutes.
  • Evening – The evening does not work for everyone, but it can be a good time to meditate. Be aware, though, that once you’ve gone through most of your day you’re carrying some extra baggage—both mental and emotional. Still, you can take some time away from watching television, reading or using the computer to meditate.

Where can I Meditate?

So, you’ve figured out a time that works for you, but the question remains—where? Here are some suggestions, but once you start to think creatively you’ll find a place of peace in your life.

  • Car – If your house is chaotic in the morning or the office gets too rowdy, your car is a great place to meditate. It allows you to sit up in a good position for meditation, and it offers some degree of isolation. If you meditate while listening to music, the car can facilitate that as well. A car can, of course, get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter without the air on.
  • Break Room – If your break room at work is a relatively peaceful place, this can be a fantastic option. It’s comfortable, safe and usually retains a comfortable temperature. Some offices even have groups of employees that engage in group meditation sessions.
  • Home – Your own home is the most obvious place for successful meditation, but sometimes the home is a hectic place. If you can, use an out-of-the-way location such as your garden, garage, laundry room or even a bathroom. You can make nearly any space comfortable enough for meditation, and there’s a certain Zen about meditating in a room that’s made for utility and not comfort.

Meditation is a simple and free way to improve your life and help you deal with everyday problems. Sometimes finding the actual time and space for successful meditation is difficult, but that can be overcome with some creative thought. Remember that meditation is a tool for you to use, and that you can shape it to your individual needs. Never let anyone tell you that you’re doing it “the wrong way.” It’s up to you to find what works for you and to incorporate meditation in your life in a meaningful way.

Gordon Richman is a writer, music lover and a student of American Buddhism. He enjoys writing about the value of meditation, the hard road to enlightenment and Zen in the internet age. He writes for Rama Talks, a free resource with bountiful information on meditation enlightenment.


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