Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss

yoga exercises for weight loss

Yoga exercises for weight loss

Weight loss has always been a pain for a lot of people with all the exercising and dieting. If you have tried these two methods of weight loss with no satisfactory results, it’s about time you tried yoga exercises for weight loss.

There are some specific poses of yoga that are best for kick starting metabolism and also for lean muscle tone build up.

It is important to note that not all yoga poses are meant for losing weight, some are for relaxation and meditation. Just like any other fitness plan, yoga demands a lot of dedication and discipline for any noticeable results.

 Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss

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One must eat a healthy diet too if the yoga exercises are to be successful in the weight loss quest.
There are quite a number of poses that are ideal in weight loss:



(a) Lying down, bring your knees to your chest and ensure that the knees are together.
(b) Bring your fists together over your knees and raise your head up from the floor.
(c) Keep breathing through the work out and feel the burn in your abs.


This pose works the buttocks and tones the abs
(a) Face down on a mat, place your feet flat on the ground
(b) Place your hands under your shoulders and press down and lift your head and torso off the ground.
(c) Face forward, place your fingers wide apart and shoulder blades down and back
(d) Finally push your shoulders back and feel the stretch all along your spine
(e) Breathe through with deep breaths and when you get back to the initial position, exhale


This particular pose is meant to raise your heart rate and burn calories and fat around your waist.
(a) With your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, stand straight.
(b) Turn your torso to the right, your feet too. Bend your torso until it is parallel to the ground.
(c) Repeat with the other leg and remember to breathe through the pose.


This yoga pose will burn fat and tone your abdominal area as well as your arms and legs
(a) Lying down on your stomach, bend your knees backwards and reach for them
(b) Extend your feet upward while sucking in your tummy. Try raising your upper body while at it. Remember your shoulder blades should be pushed out and out.
(c) Hold breath then relax all through the exercise.


This kind of pose is will burn fat around your thighs, arms and abdomen.
(a) Stand straight and rotate both your feet and torso to the left. Ensure that your left foot is out by 4-5 feet to the left.
(b) Bend your left knee gently while keeping your right leg straight.
(c) Put up both your hands high up pointing the sky and look up at them.

Yoga exercises for weight loss can be a intense program all the stretching is what burns fat in the said areas hence weight loss.

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