Yoga For Weight Loss Diet

yoga for weight loss diet

Yoga for weight loss diet


With all the diets that are out there, it can take quite a bit of experimenting to find out what really works  and also makes you feel good at the same time.

You can skip all the experimenting and save yourself time and money by going with the yoga for weight loss diet.  I’ve been on it for a good time and the yoga diet makes me feel super human! This article, from the Elephant Journal, shares the same opinion.


There are as many different diets out there as there are religions. In a way, our diet is like a religion. There is always the new list of 10 things you don’t do to be “healthy” or “good.” Popular diets and beliefs take over the consumer market.

Gluten is the newest evil in the religion of health.

Companies catch on quickly and line the shelves with products catering to our newest set of beliefs. If we ingest gluten we may not go to hell, but we’ll feel like it; if we eat super foods, we’ll feel super human.

On a recent trip to Whole Foods, I happened to be in an aisle with a woman who was new to the gluten-free diet. There were three employees opening different packages of gluten-free cookies and letting us sample them. Of course I tried every one they offered—it was free (I love Whole Foods samples)! I left the store with a sugar hangover.

Was it really a good idea to eat sugar-filled, refined foods just because the gluten-free industry found a way, in some instances, to make them taste even better than the real deal? I started to wonder what I was being fed and if the information was true for me.

During my years of practicing yoga, I stumbled across the study of Ayurveda, a sister science to yoga that teaches us how to live life. Ayurveda told me exactly what I wanted to hear. In a moment the pendulum was swinging from, “There is only one way to be radiantly healthy,” to “I am not putting myself in a box!”—like the way the Catholic school girl trades her skirt for a pair of leather pants to follow the band.

I no longer believed there could be just one way to eat for the complexity of our human bodies. Ayurveda told me that it was O.K. to eat meat if I needed some grounding, something the sister science of yoga and other philosophies have said “No,” to. It explained why I craved eating raw foods during the summer months. It told me there is not going to be one diet for every body, or even one way for your body, your whole life, or even this year.


I’m sure the yoga for weight loss diet will make you feel super human too!  Our bodies are complex but some simple maintenance can go a long way to better health and a better outlook on life.

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